Indonesia Patriotic Song - Bangun Pemudi Pemuda

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Indonesia Patriotic Song - Bangun Pemudi Pemuda

Post by FosterAnthem on Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:30 am

Bangun Pemudi Pemuda is an Indonesian patriotic song which was created by Alfred Simanjuntak, and to this day the song is still echoed, as in every celebration of Independence on August 17 and Youth Pledge on October 28. TVRI, Bekasi TV play this song as a cover song at the end of the broadcast.


Forerunner of the song Bangun Pemudi Pemuda is the mars of "Sekolah Rakyat Sempurna Indonesia" which was also founded by Alfred Simanjuntak. Thus, the tone has been created before the lyrics. Alfred composed the lyrics so that the patriotic spirit he brought not only possessed "Sekolah Rakyat Sempurna Indonesia" which only have six classes, but throughout Indonesia. Alfred Simanjuntak argues that nationalism among the youth should be nurtured. He put a "Pemudi" (feminime version of youth) in front of "Pemuda" (masculine form of youth) because in general mention, women were in front, for example, damen und Herren in Germany, dames en heren in the Netherlands, and ladies and gentlemen in England. Because of this song, the Japan military police inserted Alfred in a blacklist to be killed, but Alfred just realized the blacklist after Indonesian independence.



Bangun pemudi pemuda Indonesia
Tangan bajumu singsingkan untuk negara
Masa yang akan datang kewajibanmu lah
Menjadi tanggunganmu terhadap nusa
Menjadi tanggunganmu terhadap nusa

Sudi tetap berusaha jujur dan ikhlas
Tak usah banyak bicara trus kerja keras
Hati teguh dan lurus pikir tetap jernih
Bertingkah laku halus hai putra negri
Bertingkah laku halus hai putra negri


Wake up Indonesian Youth
Hand roll up your shirt, for our country
The future is your obligation
Your responsibility for the homeland
Your responsibility for the homeland

Keep working in honesty and sincerity
No need for talks, keep hardworking
Heart firm and straight and clear-thinking
Behave, O youth of the country
Behave, O youth of the country

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